Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Physical Servers What are They?

Today I'm in the process of installing some physical servers.  To put this into perspective due to the companies I have worked for over the last few years adopting virtualisation I haven't installed Windows Server let alone commission a physical server from sysprep up.

Imagine then being asked to connect from my office in Manchester to Integrated Lights Out (ilo) on a server in a data centre in London then install Windows from an iso in another data centre across a highly contended line!  I've been going for 3 hours now and am only at Expanding Files (0%)...  Virtualisation offers many benefits but one which I have taken for granted is the speed and ease with which a new server can be commissioned.

Has anyone taken on a task in a physical environment recently that virtualisation has made so much quicker / easier?

Expanding Files has just changed to (1%)... ;-)


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